A saturday night

Sabtu, 21 maret is one of my best nights in 2015.
Meet up with besties, actually it just an ordinary thing but what we were talking about and how we spent our togetherness that what makes it special.
Since that night I know I am not the only one who feel that way.
We are still young indeed but what we have been done in the rest of our life? What the biggest achievement you ever got? Have you done something amazing that makes your country or your parents proud of you?
And realize other teenagers already step ahead.
We know we have a late start. When we start to walk, they already run. Well, there is no late for any good thing, isn’t it? But still that makes us feel so down.
We are starting to doubt, then there are so many “how if” questions in our mind.
Well, although we weren’t born in a super wealth family like others but we were born with an amazing soul.
So, if we have to do harder than other people we’ll never quit. We’ll get what we deserve.

God knows the best & always give the best.


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